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NOWW is interested in helping to form design and production networks that may include any aspect of product life from technical design and testing to manufacturing, distribution, and end of life management.

NOWW is also committed to supporting new product design through partnerships with academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations to make needs known to product developers and to assist them in making new products available to the majority world.

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Welcome to N.O.W.W.

Over the past ten years, an evolving network of governmental, commercial, and educational institutions has formed to develop and test a number of innovative high performance products that meet the biomechanical and durability needs of developing and post-conflict regions.

Two major objectives are to ensure that products are consistent with current scientific and clinical principles, and that they are affordable.

Niagara Orthopaedics Worldwide (NOWW) is a Canadian registered charity that works with this network and is committed to assisting the world’s developing regions in becoming self-sustaining in the design, manufacturing and fitting of these devices.

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